Form and Motion

3d design

* Created with Rhino!

Form Expressed in a Kit-of-Parts

This form was created using Rhinoceros 3D.


(Figuratively) spin the piece and see where it lands. What form speaks to you? How would you display it to fit various spaces? These are the questions that fuelled ‘Form’, a kit-of-parts table, meant to inspire creativity.

Its form follows the principal of dynamism inspired by Futurism. It was mandatory that this form be created with a directional element that encourages the user/observer to interpret the piece any way they want. From whatever direction they choose to display the piece, their individualism will shine through. There is no 'front' or 'back', but rather the illusion of movement.

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Problem Statement

How might we design and fabricate functional forms using a kit-of-parts?


Figure — The dimensions from the 'MALM two door chest' from Ikea to were used to inform the dimensions of the piece.

Inspiration — Design elements were inspired by futurism architecture when creating this piece.

* Created by   Stefan Marji, Vira Chair

Iteration — Playing with intersecting planes, many iterations of tables were created.

Structure — Using intersecting planes of material, the form is assembled and stands strong without any adhesive.

Final Form — The final form is a futruistic structure ready to be interpreted.

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