Uber Pricing Re-design

Product Design

Redesigning Uber's Pricing Feature

This study was developed in collaboration with Delina Yohannes and is in no way affiliated with Uber Technologies Inc.


Uber's current users have noted that the platform is very similar to competing apps and is often not as accessible as other transportation services. A redesigned pricing feature allows users to have a clear understanding of their options when ordering a car, improving how they engage with the platform and encouraging use.

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Problem Statement

How might we improve Uber to increase the users engagement and ensure competitiveness in the transportation service industry?

Research Plan

Purpose — To understand the strengths and weaknesses of Ubers payment feature in order to improve this key element in a redesigning process.

Reason — Uber's current user experience and interface offers familiarity in its function but can overwhelm a user with unclear choices and lead them to use a competing application.

Participants — Uber users and users of competing transportation service applications.

Ethical Concerns — Express consent was collected from all participants to ensure they were aware of the scope of their participation.

Interview Protocol

Structure — Following the interview arc and using a semi-structured format allowed for flexibility and additional questions depending on participant responses.


Qualitative Data — Deriving individual themes from data, Ubers perceived weaknesses in the payment feature are inaccessibility within pricing, and unclear promptness of service.


Design Requirements — It was determined that the platform needed to have design elements surrounding Clarity, Promptness, Accessibility, and Communication.

* Click and Scroll to experience Uber's redesigned pricing feature!

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