Product Design

A Comparative Research Study on Effectiveness of In-Person vs. Remote Teaching

This study was developed in collaboration with Galaxia Wu, Malcolm Darko, and Yifan Dai.


After transitioning to remote education, both teachers and students have lost the face-to-face connection that a physical learning environment provides. EduShare employs a spatial representation of the classroom through its unique and modern design in order to encourage engagement in an online classroom.

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Problem Statement

How might we help teachers and students tackle the unique challenges of teaching, learning, and engagement resulting from the transition to remote classrooms?

Research Plan

Purpose — To understand the different challenges that have emerged during the transition to remote learning.

Reason — The transition to remote education has created difficulties for teachers adapting to the new environment, as well as student learning.

Participants — Teachers and students experiencing the shift to remote learning.

Ethical Concerns — Express consent was collected from all participants to ensure they were aware of the scope of their participation.

Structure — Following the interview arc and using a semi-structured format allowed for flexibility and additional questions depending on participant responses.

Interview Protocol


Qualitative Data — Deriving individual themes from data, a hierarchy of main, sub-theme, and elements was clear.


Empathy Mapping — After in-depth analysis of the Research Summary, Empathy Maps guided the needs of users.

Design Requirements — It was determined that the platform needed to have design elements surrounding Communication, Live Class, Marking, Scheduling, Virtual Classroom, and Personalization.


User Flow — Mapping out the flow a user will take when naviagting to their daily classes allows for a seamless mockup.

Wire Frame — Mapping out the flow a user will take when naviagting to their daily classes allows for a seamless mockup.

* Click and Scroll to experience EduShare's Class & Classroom features!

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